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EAP service

Bose EAP aims to help enterprises solve human resources problems with professional services, and provide alternative simple and fast modes through localization of internationally mature modes...

Psychological counseling

The process of applying psychological methods to provide psychological assistance to those who have problems in psychological adaptation and are seeking to solve them...

Workplace Emotion Gas Station

Workplace emotion is the key factor that determines a person's career success. It can stimulate personal vitality, promote good workplace cooperation, and help improve personal efficiency and morale. Managing workplace emotion well helps to face various challenges peacefully and effectively at work. Therefore, it is very necessary to establish workplace emotion management principles.


Jiangmen Bona Psychological Consultation Co., Ltd

Adhering to the principle of "sincerity, enthusiasm and patience", Jiangmen Bona Psychological Consulting Co., Ltd. is committed to providing guidance and help to every confused individual, so that they can get rid of their troubles, reshape themselves and realize their values. "Bona thinks of the source, protects the soul", and protects the peace of every spiritual home is the original intention of the company and the mission of future development. Bona Psychology has a mental health service team mainly composed of senior psychological consultants and senior expert consultants from both inside and outside the province. It is committed to carrying out mental health lectures, mental disease prevention, psychological counseling, psychological treatment, crisis intervention, enterprise employee psychological assistance (EAP), psychological consultant skill training supervision, academic exchange and cooperation, etc

To provide high-quality services for the citizens, enterprises and institutions of Jiangmen City has been widely recognized and praised by all sectors of society.



Intermediate Psychologist

TTT lecturer

Shenzhen Happy Home Intermediate Lecturer

Intermediate Systematic Family Therapist

Junior Career Counselor

(Chinese Psychological Society) Children's Psychological Counselor

Career Consultant, Asian Career Development Center

WMECA Subconscious Mentor

Yao Qin

Intermediate Psychologist

From September to December 2012, I studied with Dr. Zhao Hongsha and participated in a course of CPE clinical care;

In April 2018, I studied with a trainer from Yang Yulin to learn the preliminary course of Intimate Journey;

In April 2018, I studied the language design psychology instructor course under the guidance of Wang Jiqiong;

In January 2019, I studied elementary and intermediate sandplay courses under the guidance of a cabbage teacher.

In March 2019, I participated in a course in positive psychology for a happy family;

In August 2019, I participated in the second level course of Dr. Huang Weiren's Intimate Journey;

In November 2019, I participated in the CBT elementary and intermediate courses held by Guangzhou Baiyun Psychological Hospital

Lin Zhenyin

Intermediate Psychologist

National Level III Psychologist

Sandplay Therapist

National Primary School Teacher Qualification

National Kindergarten Teacher Qualification

Undergraduate in Psychology at Beijing Normal University (2019-2021)

He Linxia

Sathian model family therapist

Career education refers to tutors and lecturers

Talent Intelligence Analyst

National Level 2 Psychologist

Registered Parent Lecturer of Positive Discipline in the United States

Lecturer at a registered positive correctional school in the United States

Lecturer in Social Emotional Skills for Children

Nature Education Experiencer

Liu Qinghua

National Level 2 Psychologist

National Grade III Marriage and Family Counselor

Senior Sand Table Game Consultant

Narrative Therapist

Career Development Planning Consultant

Areas of expertise:

For individuals: adolescent counseling, career development counseling, sandplay therapy, family therapy, intimacy, sexual psychology, interpersonal relationship distress, self emotional awareness, and personal advantage exploration;

For organizations: exploring team relationship dynamics, integrating organizational relationships, and creating team goals together;

Lin Xuefen

Psychosocial Worker

Home Education Mentor

Sandplay Therapist

Happy Family Seed Teacher

Children's Whole Brain Development Instructor

Areas of expertise:

Children/adolescents are tired of learning, interpersonal communication, parent-child relationships, family education, gender relations, career planning, etc;

Ning Meiying

National Level 2 Psychologist

A New Generation of Hypnosis Healers

In March 2019, I studied with Dr. Bosteven Gilligan

Restless hypnosis

In August 2019, I studied hypnosis technology with Dr. Brent Gill

In September 2019, I obtained hypnosis technology from Dr. Jeffrey Thad and obtained

Hypnosis Certificate Certified by the Erikson Foundation of the United States

Proficient in psychodynamic counseling


National Level II Psychotherapist

American Satya Model Family Therapist

NLP International Professional Executive

WMECC International Hypnotherapist

Founder of Jiangmen Bosi Psychological Consultation Center

Member of Guangdong Psychotherapy and Counseling Professional Committee

Guangdong Women's Rights Protection Station Jiangmen Station Special Psychological Expert

Special Psychological Expert of Jiangmen Women's Federation

Under the guidance of Dr. Lin Wencai from Malaysia, Dr. Anna from Singapore, and Dr. John Berman from the United States, he is committed to the research and application of the Satya treatment model for promotion. He also followed Dr. Jeffrey Sade, the American hypnotherapy master, and Jo Hattie, the British five rhythm Zen dance instructor, among other teachers with different school orientations. In 2006, he obtained the qualification of a national second-level psychological consultant and has been engaged in psychological consultation and training since 2008. Integrate more than ten years of learning and practice in different fields of psychology, and apply them to teaching, work, and life. Support the growth and change of individuals, couples, and families, especially adept at emotional counseling, growth and transformation of the family system, and meet the needs of each family member in terms of acceptance, appreciation, gratitude, and love at the life energy level. Let the life state be enriched externally, joyful internally, peaceful, and harmonious and joyful. The treatment effect is significant. The cumulative time for psychological counseling and group training is 2000+/hour.

Zou Shengyan

Founder of Jiangmen Bona Psychological Consulting Co., Ltd

National Psychologist Level III Certificate

2015-10 Complete the painting therapy workshop and obtain corresponding training certificates

2016-12 Completed the intermediate training for Wei Guangdong Sandtable Play Therapist and obtained the training certificate

2017-06 Attend Zeng Qifeng's Psychoanalytic Learning Workshop

2018-06 Participate in Su Xiaobo's Psychoanalysis Workshop

2018-10 Participate in the Yalong Group Experience Workshop

2018-11 Participate in a dance workshop led by Zivika

2019-04 Join the dance led by Zivika& Pessault Scene Drama Experience Workshop

2019-08 Participate in a deep dance experience workshop led by Zivika

2020-02 Attend Zhao Xiaoming's "New Psychoanalysis" training course

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